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Flexible Infrastructure
Enabling our service optimization
"Just because I am a mother, doesn't mean I stop working"
How We Work

Mamasan & Company was founded on the belief that having a child shouldn't prevent you from continueing your work. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we connect a growing number of mothers across Japan and across globe with businesses whose business requirement go beyond their in-house capabilities.

We believe in being flexible ? adapting to the changing needs of our clients. As such we utilise open source software that we can adapt, change, and improve whenever we see opportunities to optimise.

Building on years of legal, recruitment, and HR experience, our company brings together the key skills to build a network of the right people to fit your needs.

We take great pride in working with great people. We respect and support our mama-san community through a network of experienced staff who are always at hand to solve problems.

Employment Opportunity | Internship

Three months to 12 months

Qualification Currently studying at 4 Year University. (Preferably, Second or Third year)
Fluent or Communicative in Japanese

may take place via Skype or in person

Employment Opportunity | University Graduate

A rare and exciting opportunity to be part of an up and coming start-up that is said to redefine how people work across the globe. Mamasan & Company is currently looking for an enthusiastic and engaged present university graduate who would join the team to manage the day to day business in the company. Your core responsibility will amongst other include: overseeing digital workflows that are shared across the employees, producing business reports and promotional material in both English and Japanese, ensuring the security of the network infrastructure, and assisting further development of the system.

Ideal Skills
English Language (Business Level)
Japanese Language (Preferable - Business Level)
Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint
Strong analytical and problem solving skills
Strong written and verbal communication skills to interact with team members and customers
Interest or experience in configuring open source PBX system
Interest or experience in setting up a small-sized internal network
Interest or experience in building cloud services
Interest or experience in business workflow optimization

JPY 250,000 (Monthly Paid)